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May 2019
Korfi Lab: All Hail
Korfi Lab: All Hail
Korfi Lab Print Ad - All Hail
Korfi Lab Print Ad - All Hail


Celebratory Easter Artworks. Like the disciples who witnessed The Ascension, the founding fathers of Nigeria printed on our currency set their eyes on Christ as He rises into the skies.

Print advertisement created by Korfi Lab, Nigeria for Korfi Lab, within the category: Finance.


All Hail the One Who Paid for He Has Risen.

Advertising Agency: Korfi Lab, Lagos, Nigeria
Creative Directors: Kayode Olotu, Oyin Oludipe, Michael Olotu
Art Director: Kayode Olotu
Copywriter: Oyin Oludipe
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RichyGame's picture

I hate to do this...

Let's not even go to the underlying idea but art & copy are totally off.

The execution exposes little attention to detail in the art. Just blatant cropping and no attempt to clean up artifacts like serial numbers, security mark & signatures since subjects are not in full context of currency notes. The expression of the second subject is erm, like he is...

Copy, if not offensive to Christendom - lower caps 'h' for 'He', that is even if we ignore the entire notion of equating the subjects to Jesus - should've been grammar-checked. Seems to be missing punctuation after "paid". Makes for an awkward read.

Yes, I read the description but one needn't do that to understand a work unless it's part of the copy! The comment is based on what prospects would see without the back story.

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