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I could put my finger on it what's wrong with the photo, but I think it's the depth of focus. Virtually everything is sharp. It looks strange.

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I like the photo and the idea.

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I think the idea is clever in the context of a children's hospital, and they wisely resisted the urge to take it the point of shock. As others have said, though... the execution is horrific. Pony-up and get a photographer who has lights, rather than trying to piece bad snapshots together in photoshop.

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Speaking about the photo maybe the shot should be taken from the beehive (in first plan) towards the kid and not from a neutral point... that looks bad to me + the lighting. Concept is good I like it.

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i like the idea but pic. looks fake

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it made me laugh. bad execution.

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It looks like a commendable thought coming from a creative but financially poor team... No money for a neat photography that could back up a brilliant idea...

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