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March 2012


Print advertisement created by Contrapunto, Spain for Kirira Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Every day over 6.000 women all over the world are condemned to feel nothing.

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Tomás Oliva
Creative Director: Carlos de Javier
Art Director: Carles Nuñez
Copywriter: Patricio Marrone
Retoucher: Lucas Pigliacampo
Photographer: Carles Nin
Accounts: Noemí Vidal, Anna Serrano, Nuria Cienfuegos
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talkingisfree's picture

Well, is more than that actually. For me this is conceptually forced to make it fit an image.

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abake's picture

Frankly, I don't think the issue is that they feel nothing, but the terrible way in which this mutilation is practiced, the terribly painful experience that sexual intercourse can become and the health hazards that can even lead to death. Bringing it down to just not feeling anything during sex seems almost insulting to me.

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lucasiq's picture

is right what u said, that is much worse than the picture..... but is for far better than critisize the work of somebody ( right or wrong) thats is trying to do something about it...instead of nothing..

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TexasH's picture

Lucas (retoucher of the campaign?) this is not "At least you're doing something of the". We are talking about great creativity - or not.
I agree that feeling nothing might not be the best insight. But i also think that transforming mutilated women into lifeless stone or ivory is very bad. This is the real problem and the awful part: they are not object, they still are human, and feeling nothing is a feeling, a deep psychic pain...

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Shrinivas D's picture

The thought and the art direction is great. First I was thinking that the copy could have been better, but later on I realized that after such situations what a woman could feel?...and that is "nothing" and "nothingness" is like a death. Hats of to you guys and hope that the number-6000 should be reduced.

Shrinivas D
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strong message. good resource

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great work

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I do not know what they paid for the logo but it is copied:

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good job!

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