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May 2008
Kellogg's:  Doodle
Kellogg's Print Ad -  Doodle


Print advertisement created by JWT, Australia for Kellogg's, within the category: Food.


Fight the Fuzzies at School.
When kids don't have breakfast in the morning, it's easy to fuzz out in class. But research shows that a nutritious breakfast, like great tasting Kellogg's Sultana Bran, with filling fibre and whole grains, can help kids stay focussed at school.

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Creative Group Head: Ben O'Brien
Art Directors / Copywriters / Illustrators: Richard Apps, Ben O'Brien
Communications Director: Jacqui McKeering
Print Producer: Danielle Solden
Retouching and Finished Art: Lee Turner
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Highest Rated

SeenitB4's picture

Cool art. Really bad English! Sadly just stick to the art direction...

David Wooderson's picture

Good job for a very, very tough client..

David Wooderson
Activity Score 23
Creative Director
Crisp One's picture

the fuzzies?

is this an Australian term?

Crisp One
Activity Score 2005
Other at New York
David Wooderson's picture

It's the campaign line.. I saw it on a TV spot too...

David Wooderson
Activity Score 23
Creative Director
arvin's picture

good art

Activity Score 341
MarkC's picture

Great concept.

Activity Score 2
Working Three |

tamer samy's picture


tamer samy
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Photographer at LEAP STUDIOS |


TRICKY's picture

so what!!! you mean Kellogg's stops your kid's imagination ....... besides this i think that this kid has no fuzzies problems but rather smoking pot the night before going to school prob ... in fact this kid will drop high school with or without your Kellogg's and become a great graphic designer then moving on and on to become a creative director working on much more creative account than Kellogg's who in the beginning tried to screw his destiny and made him become a banker instead. SO NO it doesn't work

Activity Score 3794
Creative Director |

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

Bye's picture

I think we agree, Keloggs will stop your kid's imagination how wonderful.

Activity Score 1464
David Wooderson's picture

As a parent (and a creative person) I don't want to limit my kid's creativity. But I also don't want to waste those massive school fees. Maybe he can save his art for art class.. and concentrate in math class?

David Wooderson
Activity Score 23
Creative Director
Weezard's picture

Bah, you're so bitter mate. You're the kind of person who looks at a doughnut and only sees the hole in it!

It's a good ad. Get over it.

Activity Score 50
Bye's picture

How convincing.

Activity Score 1464
SandMan69's picture


I get the idea that they're trying to get across, but what they're showing is a kid who is full of creativity, but lacks focus. That's a different brief, this one is supposed to address the problem of kids not being alert enough to concentrate as opposed to being under stimulated, which is what it seems this kid is.

I've also seem this "blue biro sketch" style used a few times recently.

Understand your core concept and the rest just falls into place....if you're any good that is.

"stay low, move fast"

Activity Score 3890
Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

fen1x's picture

Nice one. Nice to see pen again ;]

Activity Score 471
Graphic Designer at Multimedia Designer (graphic, www)
cullers's picture

Agreed! I love pens!

Activity Score 332
vurtomatic's picture

Fuzz art >
school work.

Activity Score 364
philippertl's picture

I really like that.
Reminds me of my time in school, haha.

Activity Score 656
Graphic Designer |

Please vote for us!

rave's picture


Activity Score 51
art director
nemesis's picture

very cool... nice concept and nice art direction.

Activity Score 767
Creative Director
NatalieM's picture

Good concept. It would catch my eye in a mag.

Activity Score 1685
Topolewski |


luisrivera11's picture

jajaj nice, and the art work very good

Activity Score 469
COBESA / Mónica Herrera
CGilb09's picture

I don't know about everyone else, but whenever I see a crazy busy ad like this, I run. Perhaps I'm just too impatient to try and sort out all the nonsense going on in something like this.

Activity Score 572
Northlich/ University of Cincinnati |

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

STRTLRS's picture

I drew shit like this all the time and was never "focussed" in school, but turned out ok. Thanks to Kellog's, there will be no creatives left to visit this page in the near future. BTW, the product needn't be in sketch form, if the kid can draw it it means he's eating it...

Activity Score 1601
storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

Whitefang's picture

This is ok.
I'm looking forward to seeing your work when your website is finished strtirs, the way you critique the work up here it must be pretty amazing.

Activity Score 509
Paul Eveleigh's picture

Wow. Kids can now focus on their goals, core issues, key objectives, main game etc.

Paul Eveleigh
Activity Score 111
havelock's picture

I like the illustrative work going on, but, for me its a little lost as a campaign because it doesn't match or support the other current media with the "fuzzies" growing out of things.

A little something of interest, perhaps;

Smashing your language
Disney, Kellogg’s and Gillette are three completely different brands with one thing in common. Over the past decade they’ve established a branded language. The irony of this is that they may not even be aware of it. Whether coincidentally or purposefully, our studies shows that 74 per cent of today’s consumers associate the word “crunch” with Kellogg’s. Another 59 per cent consider the word “masculine” and Gillette one and the same. Americans formed the strongest associations of masculinity and Gillette – by an astounding 84 per cent.

Activity Score 14
Illustrator at home
esoparacomentar's picture

"Student work"

Activity Score 18
David Wooderson's picture

In my opinion, "Student work" is about the dumbest thing you can say when critiquing creative ideas.

By this, do you mean a) It's really good, because it's a simple idea without having to be compromised by a client? or b) It's not finished to the level required of 'professional advertising' and is therefore not as, somehow, good?

What makes me laugh is that people write 'student work' on pieces of creative that appear on this site.. and then those ads go on to win Gold Lions. What I think you're actually revealing is that you can't tell the difference between 'simplistic work' and work that charters new territory.. or is so simple that it's brilliant.

So next time, think a bit harder before you write 'student work' as a criticism.

David Wooderson
Activity Score 23
Creative Director
SandMan69's picture

*Disco Munky quietly stands and gives David Wooderson a round of applause*

You tell 'em my man. You tell 'em.

"stay low, move fast"

Activity Score 3890
Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

slip's picture

Good art work.


Activity Score 919
designer |


SeenitB4's picture

Cool art. Really bad English! Sadly just stick to the art direction...

Guest's picture

Very few things seem more pathetic in an advertisement than when the ad's creator creates their own expression and expect us to either just go along with it or even adopt it. Nobody says "the fuzzies" and no one ever will.

Nice try, but ultimately a fail.

@ Edward. No. Australians don't say this. Nobody says this.

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