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i could care less about the fact, because i like how the impact line of the copy is small and the way it interacts with the 'keep your eyes open' line....but i wonder how many comments it takes to get to 'the eye chart has been done a million times' commment???

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Yes, one million and one time!

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jeez it didnt even take three licks...

man, you guys must be completely original huh...............i wonder your stuff looks like..

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does that really matter? isn't it how many times you get it bang on right that counts than just the number of times it's been done? you yourself agree that it's bang on. why must we confuse advertising with art? advertising isn't art, is it?

instinctive tra...
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no. it doesnt matter..thats my point.

and yes, graphic design is art...however, "Design has to work, Art does not"...i dont care if your link says otherwise

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just perfect...(and I don't know this team...)

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i love the rationale. it's so true. we'll ignore so much just because of the financial ramifications.

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the rational may be true, it's just unfortunately being presented in a very unoriginal way. and ashlands, it may be a fresh approach for the general public, but this site isn't for the general public.

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Mtl Dave
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from this agency, arguably the hottest in the world, i would have thought that something stronger could have come out on this brief.

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D2DMTO (Done To Death Million Times Over).
And to think this is the agency that does PS2.

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TBWA Paris has usualy treated us with better creative than the old, used by everyone already, eye test.

andrej dwin
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Guys what had happened to TBWA/Paris? Maybe this wouldn't disturb me this much, if it was done by another agency.... but.
Please someone say to me that Eric was on a vacation and didn't see this work.

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Yep, boring presentation. The copy is so so. Nobody will read this and even if someone does... that person wouldn't give a damn.

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Took me a sec to figure out they didn't mean "consumers torture executions". They could have cut the words a little better.

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who cares how many times a style of execution has been done before? maybe this wasn't intended to wow us. may be this isn't for awards but for people who wud get the message n make a difference. peopel don't remember how many times the same execution was used, if an ad works they react. n this one has has all the elements to achive that. so it's a good ad. we keep forgetting the core purpose we're hired n paid for.

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