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September 2019
Kasturba Hospital / Manipal: Speak Openly
Kasturba Hospital Print Ad - Speak Openly


Talking openly about their gynaecological health is considered as a taboo thing to do in India. Kasturba Hospital, Manipal wanted to break this taboo and create an awareness about the importance of speaking openly about their gynaecological health with their gynaecologists.

Print advertisement created by Design Juice, India for Kasturba Hospital, within the category: Health.


Speak Openly. Gynaecological health shouldn’t be taboo.

Advertising Agency: DESIGN JUICE, Bengaluru, India
Creative Director: Sandeep, Siddarth Basavaraj
Copy Supervisor: Siddarth Basavaraj
Art Director: Sunil Kumar
Copywriter: Mouli Bhattacharya
Typography: Sunil Kumar
Illustrator: Abhijith
Additional Credits: Krishnakant
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