Helitourism, 5

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January 2011
Karnataka:  Helitourism, 5


Print advertisement created by Stark, India for Karnataka, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Stark, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Sharat Kuttikat

Art Director: Santhosh. K

Copywriter: Sharat Kuttikat
Photographer: Nicolas Chorier
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Didn't the time expire when pretty pictures alone could attract tourists?

Nude Copy
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push's picture

No it didn't.
Anyone who has done any real destination advertising knows you have to show what ur selling... no point in being creative for the sake of it...

These are not greatest ads ever, but they get to the point clearly & in a interesting way.

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its ok to not comment...

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And what interesting way is that??,
As far as i can see, all tourist advertisement follows the same format and perspective as here, and what is really distictive here (helitourism) is written in such tiny typos, who the hell is gonna read that?, .
Though it is true you must show what ur selling, no one said you had to show it in exactly the same way as everything else.

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looks like a wasted opportunity. you have a real usp here: showing a perspective you won't get via normal visits.

these are quiet normal pictures for tourism. the fact, that this is what you can see is hidden in a microscopic tag. they could have done at least a headline for these

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