Karlstad är musik

August 2007
 Karlstad är musik
 Karlstad är musik


This is an outdoor campaign for Karlstads new jazzfestival. The statue ”Sola i Karlstad” is the most famous and popular statue in the City of Karlstad. She was just given a jazzguitar.


Karlstad is music.

Advertising Agency: Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden
Art Director: Andreas Österlund
Copywriter: Mats Åstrand
Photographer: Magnus Svensson
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patroclo's picture

I could like it if it was an ambient, with a real guitar on the real statue. In this way I find it a bit... "easy"

joalguvi's picture

that would be great, but i think that the local goverment or whatever wouldn't let that happen.

Activity Score 54
Art Director
manpowered's picture

Easy, relevant and good. go for it!

Matte's picture

Easy? Well, It wasn´t easy to put the real guitar on her and bend the arm into the right angle.

GianT's picture

Don't overestimate photomontages difficulty ;)

Activity Score 56
Cooxie's picture

So they photoshoped the statue, but didn't bother removing the Epiphone logo on the guitar and whatever is written on the strap.

Plus what's the point showing the poster in its environment if there is no interaction with it?

Activity Score 124
Art Director
Spanky's picture

this is lacking in the good.

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Sezam's picture

Nothing special for me.To popular idea.

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