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Really boring.

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Really boring.

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Great Piece of Work

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Done to death.

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it don't attract me.

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http://jennywhx.blogspot.com jwhx:Visionary

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hey FAHAD,
have u joined the trade of 'dvertizing without checking any of the books?
this execution is probably the billionth in this category. these days, even students
do not think about this kind of ideas... forget execution.
fucking boring to the bones. one good thing tho', is the fact that it's not done by
any indian agency. good to see that first world countries(fucking US of A) too
make fuck-ups from time to time.

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u r right but dont u think tht its preety cliched...though the execution is gud but but idea is not out of the world

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did the agency pay u to put this ad up??

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ivan's picture

Nope. It doesn't work that way. Is it that bad?

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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a for apple.

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sorry i dint mean it...nothing gr8 abt this ad... its been done 100000 times, gud work but not fresh enough.

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absolute no brainer. and ho ivan, you have a lot of patience to bear people like "adthatsucks."

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i dont think this ad is as bad as some of you believe it to be. granted the idea may not be as fresh as it could be but this would still grab the attention of the general public. good cute little play on an old idea...simple and to the point

saying that an idea has been done before has never been or never will be a discrediting remark in any corner of the art world unless its blatent outright plagiarism. the only argument im seeing above is that this idea is old...but is it the exact idea? im not trying to be an ass i'd really like to know which ads you guys are referring to.

the art we make now is simply regurgitation of the art we alrady know.

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I agree with the-ashlands, just because something similar has been done before doesn't make it bad. This is a simple idea and, chances are, that there are ads out there like it. If you look hard enough you can find similarities of other work in almost any campaign.

I wouldn't give this ad a gold medal but it is a decent ad.

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yeah yeah life_joke. you did 'give trees a chance', so pipe down.

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would work much better if it was a thin panel and not a massive block.
even steven "i crush everthing with my sheer mental strength" segal himself would have a problem with this block, no matter if it was fibermesh® reinforced or not.

plus the perspective looks like in a kid's drawing

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