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July 2010
Kam Lock:  MySpace


Print advertisement created by VTSC, United States for Kam Lock, within the category: Food.


MySpace. Facebook. We can barely figure out how to open our cash register. Traditional Chinese Cuisine. Cash Only.

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Good copy and clever art direction. Love the fact that it's not overly art directed. True and witty.

Bitty86's picture

Maybe I am missing something but this feels like a forced attempt to be trendy with no actual relevance to the product. Name dropping a few new online social sites does not a good ad make.

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The ad tells me it is a typical old style hole in the wall place. I certainly don't see a force attempt with the trendy social media mention. It certainly gets me to laugh at how they can poke fun of themselves for being old school. Nice job!

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Bitty86, are you still setting type? The ad clearly lets us know the restaurant is an old style place and they are okay to make fun of themselves for not being in with the trendy social sites. How can you not get it? Please go back to setting type or changing the rollers on the printer!

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