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All the resources published in ads of the world were used sometimes in some campaign of any book, but that does not mean that this badly, because what matters it is the creative use. In my opinion is a very good campaign and an excellent direction of art.

Very good

Mr. Moustache
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jajaj, se sacaron un diez .

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@ Mr. Moustache:sorry but I can't appreciate the creative use of something that has been told so many times. I know it's not easy to say everytime something new, but if you never try....
The only good thing here is Axl Rose (come back, Axl, pleeease)

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oh... it's just famous worshiped characters?! mixed with rock stars? yeah, it's okay. nice visuals. if I was a fan of Axl Rose or Jesus, I'd want this one as a poster for my room :)

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