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They're inspired from the levi's jeans ad I presume...

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Right up there with eye-charts, great wall of china, and big shoes vs. small shoes in terms of cliches.

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it looks like weight loss programme in a glance. kinda kinky.

i would recommend to use the lube pack. the idea will come across faster. now it seems like a condom ad with big Durex and Play as headline not sub brand. then lubricant as baseline.

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i agree. pack shot needed

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Brilliant idea. wish i did it.

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good idea already done by levis. I like much better with twister on the bed - ad of viagra

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they are going Bangcock with those jeans. She must be real fat.

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Arnold Santillan

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CLICHE. but nice.
the ppl have a lil potential.
take a toffee and move on.
u can do bettr.

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Be awesome :)

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The girls toe nails are creepy!!! Very creepy!

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copywriter out!

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