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July 2009
International Society for Human Rights:  Ahmadinejad


Print advertisement created by Scholz & Friends, Germany for International Society for Human Rights, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


We are celebrating 60 years of the universal declaration of human rights. Keep supporting the fight and join us at

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Pross
Creative Directors: Matthias Spaetgens, Michael Winterhagen
Copywriter: Stephan Schaefer
Advertiser's Supervisor: Martin Lessenthin
Account Manager: Joris Jonker
Art Buyer: Kirsten Rendtel
Art Director: Marc Ebenwaldner
Photographer: Hans Starck
Graphics: Dominika Dobrzalski, Heidrun Kleingries, Lisa-Marie Schroeder
Postproduction: Appel Grafik
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Very well done! Is that Turkish president at the background? No more cakes left for him?

Guest's picture

Yes, that's the Turkish president.

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OK. no more cakes left for Mr.Bush and his Europian accomplices...

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great. love it!

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hé, i am wondering. About the thousands of ads using Ban ki moom, Ahmadinejad, Mugabe...Is there not any rights of this pictures? For the photographer and the subject?
So, in a way, are they walking on some human rights to talk about human rights?

shahidali's picture

cakes for ahmadinejad! did u people leave the shit for the bushes?

oh, ahmadinejad is the evil and you are the pope. stop this partisan positioning. mugabe, kim or ahmadinejad belong to a political cluster which includes chavez, putin, castro and many more. just putting on cakes will leave the shit for bushes.

i'm not an ardent supporter of human rights violation. neigher i'm a supporter of these leaders nor of the leaders who belong to its counter cluster. these leaders belong to a cluster that has different stance on global politics. by vilifying these leaders, you position yourself as a partisan which is wrong for a human rights group.

before putting up your finger, remember, you have gone bankrupt twice. once when your economy lost all the money and the other when you lost your moral stance.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


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wow shahid very well said, what an observation, kudos to you

jai hind
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jai hind
art director

bubblestheclownfish's picture

The kid's gotta point...

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Creative Director
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Very nice, but I question (as always), why are there a range of equal print ads. One good is better then three equals. Specially in a time of financial crisis, where we as creatives ought to think twice before spending the client´s money.

Signe_S's picture

I love the idea, but I´m tired of seeing 3 equal print ads. If you brainstorm anniversary, cake would pop up. As well as champaign, balloons, and what so ever. Use these instead of 3 times cake. Or stop wasting your clients money on doing 3 equal shots.

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Art Director at My own company
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And where's president Bush?

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was there a wrinkle in time?

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Sweet idea

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lol this is human rights not about who is the biggest bastard. These leaders surpressed their own people, hence the human right violations.

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Nice, so good but world is exciting in duty.

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i love it , aajaajja

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i bliv its kool. and yes i tink i agree wit signe cant u hav other directions instead of 3same? i dnt mind the splash of cake on their face cos yes indirectly dats wat they did to their pple so anyhow, good direction.

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does this also mean that Turkish president is against human rights as well?...which might be a false accusation...

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The author is violating the human rights.

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hats off to u shahiali....agreed

tanvir hassan raju
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racism is a bad thing and doesn't matter if it's against Persians, Americans or Turks. you hateful bastards try to concentrate on the ad critic not on your maniac political views.

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Hi all. I am from Turkey. I think that the campaign is great at first sight but then it is really fiasco and is not even handed. Could you tell me please where Mr.Bush and his Europian accomplices are.

nobody forget that nobody is innocent.

K.I.D_PUNK's picture

i love it.

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