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May 2009
Intel:  Clean room
Intel Print Ad -  Clean room

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Print advertisement created by Venables Bell & Partners, United States for Intel, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Your clean room isn't like our clean room.
Making microprocessors is a tricky business. The tiniest speck of dust is the equivalent to a two-ton boulder around our microscopic transistors. This is why our clean rooms are 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room. It's also why our workers must wear those silly-looking outfits. Learn more at

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Art Director: Crystal English
Art Buyer: Debbie Mobley
Photographer: Frank Uyttenhove
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tanvir hassan raju's picture

actually i dont like the idea that much.......I mean companies like intel suppose to be very, whtz the big deal here....anyway..its kinda forced advertising..

tanvir hassan raju
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Animation Director, Nayantara Communication, Asiatic MCL, a co-producer of sesame street NY, Bangladesh |


Guest's picture

I love it, it's brilliant. Intel finally is starting to make sense for me.

Guest's picture

and why should I care about this?

satpal's picture

my clean room ? what ? are they talking to people who have the same clean room as the girl's one ? so they're talking to 10 year old girl ?
And who cares about their clean room ? What about talking about washing hands after the toilet ?
i hate this ad.

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Guest's picture

i think it's ok

everartz's picture

i'd say dumb idea and dumb copy...

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Art Director |

| everartz |

Ele's picture

Very forced. Should be understandable without read all the explanation below.

Activity Score 31

Lenia Rosario | Copywriter

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