Pune Heritage Festival, 4

February 2017
Intach & Janwani: Pune Heritage Festival, 4


The Pune Heritage Festival was instated to showcase the rich legacy of the city of Pune situated in Maharashtra, India. The city holds historic prominence as it was the capital city of the great Maratha kingdom during the Peshwa rule and an important center of uprising during the pre-independence period. The city has immense political, cultural
& traditional significance as eminent freedom fighters, social reformers, artists, scholars have shaped the overall character of the city and have given a distinct identity.

The Pune Heritage Festival was a collaboration of events with an aim to take back the audience to the pages of history, engage them with timeless architecture, historical events/facts and make them experience the rich heritage the city has to offer. With Heritage Walks, Workshops, Nature Trails etc. the Pune Heritage Festival was an event to look out for. The aim of the festival was to be niche, a gathering of like-minded people who had a peculiar interest in history and heritage.

To design a campaign that instigates the ‘Thinking Man’.

The campaign was designed to not be a direct invitation for the events but a combination of intriguing copy and design which would generate interest of the audience for the festival. The underlying thought of the communication was to depict the confluence of varied cultures, arts, architectures and people that define Pune. To achieve this, we choose historic landmarks in Pune who have a peculiar story and legacy over the ages. E.G. Parvati - A hill side temple is a place of worship and also a fitness hub. The train Deccan Queen is not just a mode of transport but also the queen of hearts. Considering this insight a series of posters were designed to advertise the festival.


Discover a fascinating past. Experiencing a vibrant city.

Design Studio: AAIBA Design, Mumbai, India
Creative Director / Art Director: Saurabh Chandekar
Client Servicing Director: Rasika Chandekar
Copywriter: Vrishasen Dabholkar
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