Inside out

May 2007
 Inside out
 Inside out


Image courtesy of D&AD


Built from the inside out.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Illustrators: Adelmo Barreira, Jose Cortizo Jr
Art Directors: Joao Linneu, Bruno Prosperi
Copywriters: Renato Simoes, Roberto Pereira
Photographer: Fernando Nalon
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra
Account Handler: Fernao Cosi
Marketing Manager: Paulo Sergio Kakinoff
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cwiss's picture

saw this campaign at the D&AD nominations the other week. it's pretty simple stuff really. i've seen the kind of contour thing done before. it does the job i guess

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philippertl's picture

not very appealing ...

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erhanali's picture

Different and fresh.

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"Everyday is one short life"

tjb1970's picture

this campaign bores me. the thought is really not all that original—'we start with the consumer in mind' is a pretty common strategy. i guees they are somewhat interesting visually, but after one i get it.

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litio's picture

Que gran campaña, simple y relevante.

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WeirdDog's picture

I like it.

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Laurent's picture

ok. so this one for me is the black sheep. I feel this one doesn't portray much of the targeted market. the beetle being a trendy car should maybe show a young couple, especially since this hasen't been shown before. The others on the other hand are good. the concept on the whole is quite cool but then again, a small packshot of the car itself wouldn't do any harm to the ads.

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MarceloG's picture

I guess that with a very simple and clever idea AlmapBBDO sold the idea that the car was built form the inside, thinking on the passengers needs. I really like the line and the art direction. Very clever. VW, simple as always.
In God I trust

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Totto's picture

About that pope ad. One evil plot of a son of the devil 'Dan Brown' who came up with a lie that made ppl forget Gods word.
beause we never knew Gods word any way. Now the whole world beleives in a darn fictional LIE. well lsten... HEAVEN and earth nd EARTH may pass away but Gods word will never!! A glorious bright light always makes you close your eyes.

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