Important Dates - Feb 1, 1968

September 2007
 Important Dates - Feb 1, 1968
 Important Dates - Feb 1, 1968


World Press Photo celebrated its 50th anniversary and took this opportunity to generate a higher awareness with the general public by motivating the (inter)national dailies and magazines to place advertisements for free.

This campaign generates web site traffic through the use of 'important dates'. Dates: an international code that represents an event in the most objective way and when isolated becomes powerful and intriguing. When properly shown, a date makes you think, makes you wonder. The dates refer to the day press photos were shot over a period of 50 years. By coincidence it might even have a special private meaning. Although, just a date is not enough. It's just part of the picture.

Target audience
Managing directors/Chief editors of the (inter)national writing press. General public; people all over the world that care about independent print media and are interested in photography and culture.


See the whole picture. 50 years World Press Photo at

Advertising Agency: DDB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Directors: Sanne Braam, Martin Cornelissen
Copywriter: Ricardo Adolfo
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this is sooper boring,
and probably would work better if those 'save the blind' ads with the blank page and *setting sun *flowering meadow weren't influencing it.

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... its already been done...

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