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Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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The line sucks. Bad grammer, too (shouldn't it be "imaginationS"?). The car/shadow is horribly art-directed. I guess this is student work.

Have Heart
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All three of these are quite poor.

I've seen this idea tackled much better. sorry, but just not doing it for me.

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Doin' it for the points

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when your imagination do(es:) have limits you come up with ideas like the one above (terrible line, boooring artwork)

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when your imagination have no limits.... turn the page

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Thanks for the comments. It's not a student work, sorry on that one. This line is in spanish, so it makes the translation a bit different.

Againg thanks 4 stoping to see the ads.

Paul Boehme
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Es muy imporatnte saber escrbir en inglés antes de intentar hacerlo. La dirección de arte está buena, pero no es nada que no se haya hecho antes...

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Importante... también es importante saber escribir en español....jijijijiji

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This the First time i post in this page but i have to say. sometimes the people who work on advertising didn't realize their own mistake and you should ask to someone who knows a little bit more than you before you send this kind of Student Practice to a Professional Web Site like this....

Art Direction Really bad and lost in translation isn't an excuse.....


"By far the most important thing is the art of metaphor". Aristotle.

Open Fire
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I am sorry to say it but it does look like a students work, even if it's made by a professional, which makes it worse.

I don't see an idea behind the whole thing... not a solid concept that holds the graphic artwork... it is just there to look "nice".

it could have been a great work if more care and thinking time would have been spent in it...but right now the results are not good at all.

Check the spelling on your copies ALWAYS!that was a very basic mistake. it doesn't matter that the original copy was in spanish... get a translator and get it right before going public.

L mom

Imagination? Why use an ad with basically no concept, hen draw atention to the fact by having the line, 'Imagination don't have limits'?

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We're going to need more lube.

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Paul...it is such a beautiful car. You can do better. Don't despair, push on...and Post again. All the critisism is meant to toughen you up.

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Now... inspire me!

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Guess the style is overdone already, maybe solo lo hizo para pasar el rato (spanglish entering this comment >.

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i havent been to this site in a loong time.
just reading the negative comments here again, i remember why i left.
same people bitching about the same sh*t. not much of it constructive.
have a good one people.

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Mostly negative comments because the ads have been complete sh*t.

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Cuando y dónde publicó esto???

e'ta boca e'mia
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perdón, pero que feo, la sombra del auto está muy mal hecha y las ilustraciones del fondo son malas, comparadas con las miles que vemos de este tipo a diario.

San Pateste
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1)I think Art is ok because of the oriental brand, however It could have been better.

2)The idea is SO plain and boring that make this ad suck.
(Maybe the brand just wanted to communicate like this) (Maybe hard brief)

3)You HAVE to check the spelling before you post your work.

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Welcome aboard the roller-bitchin-coaster, Dominican Republic! :)

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Me parece interesante la llamada de atencion a los que critican por criticar...
muchos nos dimos cuenta de la pobreza en cuanto al arte y realizacion de este post
pero alguien, por favor, podria argumentar....?

Preguntemosle al artDirector... que nos cuente como hizo o como llego a esta solucion...
en el proceso esta el por que....

seamos menos snobs publicitarios!

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Bad, bad, very BAD!!! Someone here trying to date Paul? Hey sister, if a job stinks it stinks... I would expect nothing more from any of you guys if I submitted "Imaginative" artwork such as this one! As for constructive criticism, it suggests a foundational idea in place that something could be built out of... since this ad has no imagination much less a foundation of an idea from which to "construct", well you see where I'm going Paul... Lets just hope you take the trouble to really lay your brains out on the table the next time yeah?

Vernon Jeremy Muller
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