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April 2011
IKEA:  Chair
IKEA Print Ad -  Chair


Although the first IKEA store was open in 1991 IKEA's presence in Poland lasts for much longer. In 1961 IKEA's founder Ingvar Kaprad came to Poland and apart from developing a taste for vodka he ordered first 500 OGLA chairs in one of local furniture factories.

Print advertisement created by Euro RSCG, Poland for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.


It's been 50 years since we started making furniture in Poland

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Jacek Szulecki
Art Director: Rafal Rys
Copywriter: Magda Banasik
Photographer: Jacek Wolowski
Group Account Director: Agnieszka Wichracka
Account Director: Ewa Wolska-Rzewuska
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hoozn's picture

Do they sell Thonet chairs at IKEA now?

Activity Score 355
Vienna |

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

Nude Copy's picture

So using wood with annual rings dating 50 years is a good way to suggest this !?

Nude Copy
Activity Score 1054
Copywriter at India
Temple's picture

Basically this says we 've been cutting millions of trees for the last 50 years. I doubt IKEA would ever buy this.

Activity Score 11339
Creative Director
lessismore's picture

student work, next.

Activity Score 251
Graphic Designer
The JACK's picture

good concept, but only can understand who know about this fact!!!!!

Activity Score 438
Marketing Manager
ÖzgürBeyinFikirleri's picture


Activity Score 48
Copywriter at WBR İstanbul
Roger Keynes's picture

Like it, anyway.

Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5496
Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Glut's picture

so wrong

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
Boxey's picture

tree rings? could you have used a more expected idea?

Activity Score 8875
Melaleuca In-House
Luis Maram's picture

This is a scam, I think ... IKEA would not approve a campaign with a bad ecological connotation.

Luis Maram
Activity Score 252
Marketing Director |

Luis Maram

elyoshiro's picture


Activity Score 546
Creative Director at Dir. Creativo Digital |

AdBuzzer's picture

Actually, it is an approved campaign that's been running in Poland for the last couple of months. And yes, we know the story behind this chair - it's been described in a TV ads that all deal with the anniversary of the cooperation between IKEA and Polish furniture factories.
Anyways, I like the IKEA-like simplicity of the lay-out and the unusual angle of the photo used.

Activity Score 1172
Marketing Manager |

Ron Burgundy's picture

i love lamp

Ron Burgundy
Activity Score 1626
Art Director at Southern California
hoozn's picture

Do they sell Thonet chairs at IKEA now?

Activity Score 355
Vienna |

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

Nike Diesel's picture

Too easy and expected.

Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13708
Art Director
ishiboy's picture

Good idea... and a fresh way of looking at things.

Yeah, so tree rings have been done to death, but this is a cool way of using it.

Goes with the IKEA philosophy of simplicity.

Activity Score 497
Creative Director at Mumbai, India
ace85le's picture

I like the perspective treatment.

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Marketing Manager |


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3may20S's picture

I like the way, the message passed

Activity Score 3
Graphic Designer at Programus (pvt) Ltd
Oubahmane Ibrahim's picture

I love this idea!

Oubahmane Ibrahim
Activity Score 3
Graphic Designer at Groupon Maroc
Drogag's picture

ok get

Activity Score 112
Creative Director
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