Idul Fitri 1428 (2007)

October 2007
 Idul Fitri 1428 (2007)
 Idul Fitri 1428 (2007)



Looking at the meaning of Idul Fitri, it is about being reborn after a month of fasting in Ramadhan. It is the time to evaluate inner self and get closer to God. It is symbolized by showing the inside material of Levi's® jeans. Since most of Levi's® jeans are 100% Cotton (just as written on the inside tag), then it is just perfect to deliver the concept of "being holy again". The inside tag explains the meaning of Ramadhan, by adapting the "washing instructions" for jeans.


Wudhu sebelum ibadah (wash yourself before you pray)
Dirikan sholat (pray to God)
Luruskan hati (keep your heart straight)
Puasa di bulan Ramadhan (fast during Ramadhan)
Zakat fitrah (give to the poor and needy)

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Indonesia
Creative Director: David Lukas
Senior Copywriter: Shirley Christie
Copywriter: Anton Adinugroho
Art Director: Dony Fikri
Junior Art Director: Shirley Katopo
Photographer: Alex Mandala
Digital Imaging: Heru Suryoko
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ivan's picture

Here is last years ad:
It think last year was more creative.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Ross Casanovas's picture

totally agree!

Ross Casanovas
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alfred E Newman's picture

I think it's repulsive to use a religious rite to sell more jeans. Religion and commercialism should never go hand in hand. To sign this with the Levis logo is just plane bad taste. Plus the ad sucks and makes no sense.

alfred E Newman
Kateter's picture

couldn't say it better. I agree 100%.

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Guest's picture

Using religion is not repulsive to sell. It's done before :-) And it can work.
This ad I don't get, but I was raised in another tradition.

ivan's picture

Religion, the last taboo in advertising is breaking down.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Guest's picture

You know the origin of christmas?

Secondly, in oriental countries everyday life (language) is much more crisscrossed by religious symbols and phrases than in the West. So I think it's fully acceptable to cite religious lines there.

mike565's picture

Alfred E Newman is spot on. That's brutal.

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fersvax's picture

This is what we call "pajazo mental" (like "mental jerkoff" or something like that). Nobody (and I really mean nobody) will make the connection between the inner self and the inside part of a blue jean. That's way out of sight.

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whitespace's picture

I'm not sure if the purity thing works... I remember Levi's for its half nekkid women ads.

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novel's picture


simple but not a good one!

he he he
keep on moving Indonesia!

::son of mount malang::copywriter of The Drawing Squad
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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::son of mount malang::
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

gmint7's picture

original, but forced tho..sori

1. ramadhan has nothing to do with levis but tts ok (its not an ad, no u.s.p.. 100% cotton means holy again?? yeah i buy if it meant "rewashable" WHICH but give negative meanings to Levis.. "with levis, you can rewash your sin easily, go sin")
2. copy followed IMMEDIATELY with logo (ad layout!)
3. ok, so its a message by Levis.. to congratulate event (yay! its a heartwarming event msg, selamat!!!)

this is an ad, thinks that it's not an ad. but it's never an ad at all..
like an emo trying to be emo, as if he IS emo at first place...

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