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her hand looks cut-off..

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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yes and Macitosh mouse helped her.. its too much set up for the message

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It's nice

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ah...ok. it's a macintosh mouse. thought it was a tampon or something. didn't get it anyway.

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Beautiful !
i like the one with the judge's hammer

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The Choice is Yours

If these advancements come to pass, they will create many ethical, legal, privacy and social issues. For the artificial hippocampus we should ask: would brain implants force some people to remember things they would rather forget? Could someone manipulate our memory? What would be the consequence of uploading information (see my education column)? Will we still have control over what we remember? Could we be forced to remember something over and over? If we can communicate with each other through a computer what will be the consequence of a Global Brain?// Magnus Olsson (SWEDEN) www.mindcontrol.se

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