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March 2015
Iberogast:  Intestines
Iberogast Print Ad -  Intestines

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, Austria for Iberogast, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


The natural remedy for bitter moments.

Advertising Agency: PKP BBDO, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Erich Enzenberger
Art Director: Astrid Bittermann
Copywriters: Erich Enzenberger, Magdalena Wiszniewska
Illustrator: Michael Hacker
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The natural remedy for cannibalism?

Ogilvi Himself
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Молчать и слушать!

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Nice art, but no idea involved.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Solid art.

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Not bad but normal

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This ad is for Iberogast, which is a medicine for your stomach. Since the ad is written in a different language, I have to analyze the ad to figure out what the medicine does. By looking at the ad, you can tell that the medicine is for stomach pains. There is a huge green image of a stomach that covers most of the ad. In the stomach there are small images of things that people put into their body or things that they do that affect their digestive system. These things include, drugs, alcohol, food, food with parasites, and activities such as swimming, which can get pool water in your stomach. The medicine is supposed to relieve stomach pain caused by those activities. In the bottom right corner there is a image of the bottle of medicine. There is a small slogan under the bottle, which reads “Natural remedy for bitter moments”. I like this ad because it is a creative and artistic way for the medicine to be advertised in a print ad.

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Speech bubble unnecesary. You an guess 'disco night out' from the symbols.

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