We don't make them like we used to do

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September 2010
Hyundai:  We don't make them like we used to do
Hyundai Print Ad -  We don't make them like we used to do


Hyundai’s vehicles have come a long way. Once known for being merely affordable but not necessarily of superior quality, they now are stylish, reliable and award-winning cars. To reinforce the launch of the redesigned Hyundai Sonata, we used the look of an iconic print ad from the past and tailored it to Hyundai’s message - that we make our cars differently than we used to.

Print advertisement created by Innocean, Canada for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Gary Westgate
Art Director: Noel Fenn
Copywriter: Danielle Haythorne
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thedesignaddict's picture

The spelling error is a very bad oversight.

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Art Director at Freelance
Guest's picture

only problem with this ad is i immediate thought volkswagon b/c of the art direction of their famous lemon ad... but alas... hyundai

atb2005's picture

I too immediately thought of the Lemon Ad layout when I saw this ad..

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Matt Tonkin's picture

Luckily it is only ad people who's minds are immediately reminded of the art direction of famous ads. Though I do agree the art direction could be better.

Matt Tonkin
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Art Director at Northern Productions Inc.
Guest's picture

Agreed, this is so inside no one will get it.

Guest's picture

the and and was on purpuse?

Guest's picture

oooh good spot.

Guest's picture

Would anyone except people in advertisers even get the reference?

I guess it doesn't matter because it's boring.

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Directive Creator
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Creative Director
AmOgodzzz's picture

The layout/art direction is shamelessly biting off Volkswagen. Not to mention that the body copy here is limp and couldn't hold a candle to that of the old VW ads. Yes, the "and and" was probably not on purpose, folks. A common error all writers make when they're editing and should have been caught during proofreading.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
akshaysrikar's picture

you could've atleast changed the font type. anyways, the copy good to read.

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thedesignaddict's picture

The spelling error is a very bad oversight.

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Art Director at Freelance
jackmancer2017's picture

I saw Volkwagen in the thumbnail lol.

jay_ad_dictate's picture

I saw Volkswagen, and then when I zoomed, it was Sonata...WoW Magic!! Nice Trick.. :P :P . But
nice copy, if you overlook the ' and and".

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Copywriter |

Zoooooooooooooooom..............................*thapaaak* OWWW!! I cannot pass through walls!!!! Now bring that person who says this world is an illusion!! :X :P

Billoughsby's picture

Ebedeh ebedeh ebedeh That's all, Volks!™

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Art Director |

That's it.

Guest's picture

sadly, the copy does not push the thought in the headline.

toledotoledo's picture

The ad is purposefully imitating the VW ad...It's the whole point, communicated in the "good old fashioned way", a car that is better than the good old fashioned way. "We make it better" point across. Think it gets somewhat lost thou.

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Creative Director at Lisa Portugal |

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Elmārs Ārnieks's picture

also don't like the line. "we don't make them like we used to" sounds like a bad thing.

Elmārs Ārnieks
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home study |

Life is a joke. Laugh.

Guest's picture

That's the point Vargais. Look up VW Lemon or VW Think Small....

And yes, that is AND horrible typo!

Guest's picture

I thought this was a joke, them trying to copy VW, even futura typeface for the headline and the copy, omg.. terrible.. and i love te car, but this is killing it..the copy is not special either to me...

Guest's picture

Ouch. A typo in the ad. For shame.

Shadow Ops's picture

Ha CAN'T trust you art directors with emailed guys always end up re-typing it in by hand and screwing it up and now you have mud on your face. That said...writers you have to boomerang back and look at ads before ads release.

Shadow Ops
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Copywriter |

Let's keep advertising fun

keithstoeckeler's picture

Good idea, but really poorly executed for all the reasons you all have mentioned. It's just not an area Hyundai should have played in.

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Guest's picture

The sad thing is most people won't recognize that they are either purposely imitating VW for humor or shamelessly copying for lack of a better idea. They might actually think it's a clever idea.

Guest's picture

Seriously people!! This ad was already made by VW in 1968.

Shame on you!

LeeHarvey's picture

Okay I see the link with the 'Lemon' ad for VW. But then I think WTF?! Why compare yourself to a superior car, with an ad from the sixties? I really don't get it, why didn't you use an old Hyundai ad? They must be horrible too, like the cars!

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

maybe they decided to compare to a superior car because - as they say in the headline - "We don't make them like we used to"?
Couldn't it be that they want to us to catch the "quality" message immediately associated to VW without either naming the brand and or an explicit comparison?
I mean, to me they are saying "hey, we at hunday used to make cars which were, well... you know...... but now we have changed! and to prove it we dare to advertise our cars deliberately copying the Lemon ad, a unique example of brand's self esteem"...

swoodbine's picture

I think that the ""hey, we at Hyundai used to make cars which were, well... you know......" would have been a better starting point when thinking about the body copy, and would have drawn the reader more.

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Guest's picture

Let's hope the quality of the cars is better than the quality of this ad. 1/10 must try harder next time!

Roger Keynes's picture

Homage. Look it up.

Roger Keynes
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Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Guest's picture

Are you guys stupid not to get the point?! it looks like a Volkswagen ad yes thats the concept...

Guest's picture

The fact that you're having to explain the idea behind the ad means it's not working.

Guest's picture

There's a comma missing in the first sentence, last paragraph before the "and."

michelangelo's picture

do you think Danielle Haythorne is still with the agency after this typo?

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John van de Vorstenbosch's picture

I don't think VW will mind you published this.. at all.

John van de Vor...
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Copywriter at Hansnel Group
Ohkamp's picture

I actually didn't realize it WASN'T for VW until I started reading the comments. Fantastic headline/idea but the layout is a bit too close to Volkswagen for me.

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Creative Director at Lowe Roche, Toronto
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