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March 2010
Hymen Gel:  First time


Print advertisement created by TCC, India for Hymen Gel, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


When was the last time you felt like the first time?
Vaginal tightening gel for women above 40.

Advertising Agency: TCC, India
Creative Director / Copywriter: Arvind Ramalingam
Art Director: Krishnamurthy Iyyappan
Account Management: Savvy Durham
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npravn's picture

Clear, simple and right on the spot!

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Creative Director at Integral A/S
Phil Lestino's picture

Do you regrow your hymen?

Phil Lestino
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Pedestrian's picture

Well at least this one isn't insulting the woman's vag.

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monsieurange's picture

Pfizer. :P

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Creative Director
everartz's picture

the copy writing is absolutely marvelous!!! very nice campaign

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Art Director |

| everartz |

Srivatss N Iyer's picture

Copy of BMW ad

Srivatss N Iyer
Activity Score 121
Copywriter at RK Swamy BBDO
prabhath's picture

Among three, this one is the best

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Art Director
Pushkaraj Shirke's picture

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL.......... i love this one! funny as hell!

Pushkaraj Shirke
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Copywriter at Asymmetrique Communications, Monkeyworks |

ek kanya's picture

maybe the guys who wrote this disgusting ad should sel it to their mothers and daughters first.

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

Adaddicted's picture

are you above 40?!

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Art Director |


rolling.stone's picture

@ ek kanya

Hey, dont take it this seriously

at this site male and female both visit, hence no one need to take it very personal, whatever the product is

still you are free to show your grouse toward manufacturer ;-)

Hats off to copy, excellent !

Activity Score 2739
Copywriter at Delhi , India |


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

ek kanya's picture

all fake and bullshit.i dont think this agency exists. the names also sound like pseudonyms. ramalingam means the dick of lord rama.

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

Adaddicted's picture

now I'm sure that you are above 40!

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Art Director |


Rival2000's picture

this is the best of the three posted here. drives the point yet subtle. Very Nice

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mk86's picture

I highly doubt any girl wants to feel like the first time. The first time is awful for women. So I don't like this one. But I do like the other ads in this campaign.

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Copywriter at Student |


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