CEO Pepsi

June 2009
Humanitarian Lion Print Ad -  CEO Pepsi


Here are some unusual ads. They should be sent directly to the biggest companies of the world CEO's who are also annual the biggest winners of the Cannes Lions Festival. However, we don’t have the emails of these “big wigs.” Secondly, we believe this email should be passed along to everyone in the industry before it reaches the CEO's. People would find this email so important they’ll send it to others. And third, we believe this is a project everyone should be part of.

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i actually really like the idea of that cathegory.

lets do this!

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Quite really.

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why dont just email to the pepsi company, hoping that the person-in-charge could do the favour of passing the email around the company or to the upper head. If were to pass from unknown sender to unknown sender, it sort of waste time thou. and it sort of contain no sincerity in approaching the desired companies for help.

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Lol ! So, the "ad people" are the "biggest brains" in this world ?... Come on, let's be serious ! How can ad men solve the problems of the world ? I really don't get it, sorry.

We're not engineers, we're not doctors, we're not teachers. That's what the world needs most (and money too, of course).

That idea is a bit weird.

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ok actually the world doesn't need money. I think it's a good iniciative, there are inteligent people in this industry.

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nice...since the point of an ad is to lure its target, in this case us people from the advertising world. consider me hooked! let's do this...

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As if Cannes wasn't political enough already.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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When the Tap Water Project came up a few years ago, I read a comment in some blog about a guy saying that projects like that could compete in a special category. That day, I thought that it could work great, I'm glad it's happening.

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The tap project is a lot bigger in its own PR and skite videos that it ever threatened to be in the real world.

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I always dreamed about doing something my parents would be proud of.
That could be that opportunity.
I'm in!

Thanks for that

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I will love to see this happenig, i dont think that advertisement people are the biggest brains on earth, but we know how to comunicate, and how to do it in a competitive way, so agencies will try to win this and maybe good ideas for the erath came from that...

I dont know, i really like it. By the way, the text and the way of comunicating this its grat!!! that s the 10 for..

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Todos somos ignorantes, pero no todos ignoramos lo mismo.

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this idea is so convoluted and misguided. worst of all, the description of the idea is so self-congratulatory and annoying!
this is creative masturbation at it's worst.

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"Dear CEO of Pepsi'?

One second on google would turn up the name Indra K. Nooyi. If this ad is aimed at Ms Nooyi, use her name. It would at least show you know a tiny bit about what you are talking about.

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Hypocrisy. Let's face the truth: we (creatives) to not want to save the world. We do not want to save save whales, homeless, hungers, the human rights, etc. We just want to use them to save our salaries, winning some awards in the name some good institutions. Every year we see WWF, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and many other campaigns with the only one purpose is to promote ourselves.

And please, we are not brilliant minds hat will save the world. We are just sellers. There's a lot of serious persons working on this issues. People who dedicate their lives studying this subjects. This idiot initiative is an insult to them.

Now go back to that supermarket briefing on your desk.

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Very powerful. I loved it.

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Gosh the world has a lot of negativity...the above comments suggest so but I think ... good initiative... hope & belief takes us miles!

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I love the idea! It's a form of redemption for the industry.

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Brilliant Idea & series also!

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