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December 2012
Hospital Erasto Gaertner:  Rewriting life stories
Hospital Erasto Gaertner Print Ad -  Rewriting life stories


Print advertisement created by Blu, Brazil for Hospital Erasto Gaertner, within the category: Health.


It happened on October 12, 1989, during a self-exam in the shower, as usual. I was 29 and trying to get pregnant. It was quite a shock when I saw my life stopping completely. I knew that, from that day on, my dreams would be postponed and my body and soul would be radically transformed. I called my mother, we went to the doctor, and suddenly I didn't know how tomorrow would be. I'd be surprised to notice the strength that I didn't even know I had, and found out how much my family loved me. Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason. Within time, I noticed that I remained the same, and there was no reason to be sad because I was sick. Then things started getting lighter. Not easier, but lighter, and it was just the beginning of an autobiography of rebirth and glory. In times like this, it's also important to have good friends. In my case, i had many to count on. They always gave me comfort with their solidarity words. Friends are treasures that should be kept in our hearts, and now that we are talking about it, what should I say about the medical team in Erasto Gaertner Hospital? They are the ones who always treated me and encouraged since the beginning. Many angels appeared in my way, and I thank them for the excellence in my surgery and treatment. With all this support, I faced it as someone entering a battle, with faith and belief in my victory. By that time, I was already sure that the disease would not be the final chapter, but only a little comma in my story. My hair would keep growing anyway. Today, there are no tears left, but smiles of happiness, victory and the feeling of mission accomplished. In the end I had a positive balance and I feel ready for a life that goes on. I'm 52 now, and I live happy with my daughter who's already growing up. Before, I dreamed of being a mother, but now I dream of being a grandmother.
Arlette Isfer, Luiza's mother and future grandmother.

Advertising Agency: Blu, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Emerson Morruga Mendes
Art Director: Emerson Morruga Mendes
Copywriter: Tiago Lauro
Additional credits: Ani Lein
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well not that great.

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Looks interesting. But I don't have the patience to read it.

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too much copy for me.

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well not that great.

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Could have been short, nevertheless works

Siddarth Basavaraj
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Love creating ads..

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