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September 2011
Hero / Ziploc:  Pineapple


Print advertisement created by Bangkok Showcase, Thailand for Hero, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: BangkokShowcase, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Chokchai Tupanyakanok
Art Directors: Phutsadi Yuwapattanawong, Chaitat Sookate
Copywriter: Chokchai Tupanyakanok
Production House / Retouch: Baanpraneat
Photographer: Sunhouse Studio
Computer Artist: Pattarasak Sitthisroung
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jackmancer2017's picture

Wow - mega cryptic. Most customers won't understand this. I scarcely do.

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Copywriter at Editor/Student
Picky1's picture

I agree. The visual metaphor is so subtle that it is hardly understandable. And the form is not really new, after all those sculpted vegetables we have seen in award shows during the 5 or 6 last years.

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bate_palmas's picture

I agree too. It's a nice idea but it'll be interesting to see whether or not people understand.

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butoke's picture

xD Maybe you're just another "customer"?

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Art Director at Mccann ericksson
jackmancer2017's picture

Of course I am. And I am an advertiser. I'm both. We're still making these things for customers, right? Or award shows.

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Copywriter at Editor/Student
Nike Diesel's picture

this one's for the festivals, no doubt

Nike Diesel
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Art Director
morse's picture

I understand. The ziplock jams the pineapple time. In other words stops the fruit go bad. But I'm a smart guy. :)

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

salil.sharma's picture

lovely campaign
i like it some thing new for us.

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Creative Director at India |

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

emiliete's picture

I don't get it, sorry.

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Copywriter at WMcCann
jt83's picture

Before anyone else says "I don't get it," please read the bylines and ask yourself who is their target audience. Extrapolate the ethnic group, region, or country this ad was meant to exist, and also the media (magazines? tv?). Seriously folks, it's getting old when you just say "I don't get it." The world is a huge and different place with different cultural norms - I'm sure you all have heard this but do you really know it? Walk in the streets of any country in Asia and you're visually assaulted by ads and billboards. In China at least, I know that the more "complex" something is, the more "features" it seems to have, even though it might be completely useless. To them, they feel they're getting the best bang for their buck. In the west, all that "complexity" is considered cluttered and therefore not appealing.

I could go on but that's just the tip of the iceberg. My point is, remove the cultural bias you already have and put yourself in the mindset of the local audience or research their visual language before commenting a lazy "I don't get it." Here's another example for you guys to search: KFC ad Australia day.

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bate_palmas's picture

Regardless, it will be interesting to know how this fares with the Thai public

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Picky1's picture

jt83, it's funny to read that this ad is specifically made for Thai people, where as it obviously looks like an international ad, without any word nor any local cultural reference. You could do it anywhere in the world, and it would still be an awkward metaphor, using a visual gimmick (finely sculpted vegetables or fruits), that has been seen several times in big award shows these last years.

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kleenex's picture

The art is solid, execution I say is off.

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Web Designer/Developer
Meredith Singh's picture

I love it. Absolutely brilliant.

Meredith Singh
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Art Director
outsider9's picture

Brilliant ? Come on, Meredith, it's not new. I'm fed up with vegetable sculpture. Been done over and over again. Been awarded a few times. Stop.

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rookee's picture

I Agree

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Meredith Singh's picture

I didn't really think they are trying to pass these off as "vegetable sculpture". The style is bit too illustrative. I think it is just a clever metaphor, comparing the pineapple's natural decaying process to the mechanical inner workings of a clock – but its endless ticking forward towards fruit oblivion is stopped by the bag clogging up the gears. It's smart and I have to disagree with you simply dismissing it as a "vegetable sculpture". However, if you have seen too many ads that compare a piece of fruit to a clock, feel free to not like this ad and I won't disagree.

Meredith Singh
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Art Director
raynold's picture

brilliant.. metalistic

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STRTLRS's picture

We can examine this campaign, praise or bash the creative all day. Heck, if I really want to get technical, I could say time doesn't exist. Things decay depending on what there made of, not time. Time is human construct. Now, does the ad SELL? Did it work in that market? That's what's important. I think the execution is good. Not crazy about the visual of a disproportionately small bag jamming a juicy time piece, but I get it. By the way, a bag will only accelerate decay of fruits and vegetables...

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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