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November 2009
Helsingin Sanomat:  Snow
Helsingin Sanomat Print Ad -  Snow


Print advertisement created by Hasan&Partners, Finland for Helsingin Sanomat, within the category: Media.


"Come rain or shine, the newspaper is a must in the morning. Simple as that." Jone Nicola, Radio DJ, Helsingin Sanomat reader since 1976.
Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper has over 1.4 million passionate readers.

Advertising Agency: Hasan&Partners, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director / Copywriter: Eka Ruola
Art Director: Mikko Petaja
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willy wonka's picture

Very Nice

willy wonka
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Migzter13's picture

is this suppose to say that

the paper is SOOO DAMN good to read..

you'd do almost about anything to get it?


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Graphic Designer at De La Salle University, Manila |

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Guest's picture

This visual is wonderful but there aren't a whole lot of people out there these days you can convince that a newspaper is "a must in morning" anymore. It's a bit of a tired and untrue statement. It would have been nice to find some insight into why THIS newspaper is "a must" for Jone Nicola. What sets it apart from the hundreds of newspapers with declining subscriptions? I'm guessing this is why they paid for the ad in the first place? Also, the opening line of copy should probably read "Snow and sleet" instead of "Rain or shine".

Brain-Art's picture

Simple Idea. Nice Execution!... Good Work!!!

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Graphic Designer
willy wonka's picture

Very Nice

willy wonka
Activity Score 137
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