Flag for peaceful intentions

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November 2010
Helsingin Sanomat:  Flag for peaceful intentions
Helsingin Sanomat Print Ad -  Flag for peaceful intentions


This ad was part of a campaign where Helsingin Sanomat – the biggest daily newspaper in the Nordic Countries – wanted to underline the fact that they look at the world from a variety of angles. To emphasize the journalistic content, the body copy of the ad was written by an actual correspondent of the paper.

Print advertisement created by Hasan&Partners, Finland for Helsingin Sanomat, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Eka Ruola
Art Director: Mikko Petäjä
Copywriter: Eka Ruola
Illustrator: Jarkko Talonpoika
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morse's picture

Decent idea, good art, but overall it's a bit boring.

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jackmancer2017's picture

Yes nice idea, though most people won't even bother to read it I think, as there is no trigger.

Roger Keynes's picture

I think people will read this press ad.
The cut-here 'holes', brief copy and white space will entice that.
Seriously doubt if they'll 'act' on it.
But I don't think that was the intention.
The idea itself, while positive...comes across as dinky to me.
Poles may disagree.

Roger Keynes
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Will Think for Salary

whitewhite's picture

I think its interesting enuf to make ppl read the copy..

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shahidali's picture

The objective was to make people think that the leading daily looks at the world from a variety of angels. Can't see clearly how the reader will do it with that copy? It just justifies the reinforcement and deployment of army!!!

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


bad copy's picture

Costa rica has no army and it's still there.

bad copy
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bad copy's picture

ah, the strategy mentioned was already used some centuries before by gengis khan.
So Austria, Russia and Prussia: done!

bad copy
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Guest's picture

More vexillology! I love it.

Anonymous Author's picture

More vexillology! I love it.

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


Bitty86's picture

The stick looks like a penis

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