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April 2009
Hattie's:  Catfish


Print advertisement created by TM, United States for Hattie's, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


There are only 2 reasons why you come to this part of town. Drugs and pecan crusted catfish.

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising, Dallas, USA
Creative Director: Bill Oakley
Art Director: Jason Duvall
Copywriter: Hayden Gilbert
Illustrator: Jason Duvall
Photographer: Andy Mahr
Digital Artist: Patrick White
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NastyJester's picture

A good restaurant in a bad area. These ads are truly fucking brilliant. Ballsy, funny, beautiful... my favourite thing about them is that, while it's quite obvious that the food will be exceptional, they almost dare the customer to come and eat there. Turning a negative not only into a positive, but actually creating the whole identity for your restaurant around it...

...fucking outstanding.

Activity Score 740
bill_boonie's picture

yeah great job!

Activity Score 115
icandi communication
Guest's picture

you make a good case for a brilliant strategy but the ad execution itself is lackluster.

the planner deserves to be praised to high heaven for having identified the big problem and the creatives for having turned that into a selling point. yes, dead-on. I just wished they had thought harder about how to give the ad itself a bigger punch.

know what I mean?

Ed Mintone's picture


Ed Mintone
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NatalieM's picture

Agreed. These ads are pretty awesome. I'd totally eat there.

I'd like to see this concept executed in different ways, too. Maybe they can pack an even bigger punch.


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Topolewski |


Guest's picture

I disagree. The fact that it's on a "bad" neighborhood alone is reason enough why I'd NEVER go to such a place. Those ads put the spotlight on the restaurant's main flaw, and actually do nothing to turn it around. I can't for the life of me imagine why would anyone feel compelled to go there atfter seeing such an ad, rather than stay as far as possible.

Guto Araki's picture

You are really good on selling not-so-good ideas. You almost convinced me. Are you available for freelance? We might need your services eventually...

Oh, about the ad. I think the graffitis are very poor and much too "tablet made" (not ghetto looking enough). It could even insult the real graffiti artists from "da hood". Besides, the concept of "a good restaurant in a bad neighborhood" is older than my gramma.

Guto Araki
Activity Score 158
Creative Director at fluor / Ponto de Criação
Guest's picture

must say, i dig!

TRICKY's picture

totally agree with NastyJester

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Creative Director |

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

Guest's picture

These are horrible and offensive. What's with the grafitti tie-in to imply African American "Hood".
This is a cheap attempt at humor.

Guest's picture

graffiti isn't a black phenomenon, it's an urban thing.

sirvan's picture

I like the art direction, and the lines are decent... but I think the strategy is what's throwing everyone off. It's just not appetizing.

"5-star food in a crappy part of town" has been done before, but the "hood" and the ghetto elements are overboard, and seem to pull this down into being a place where you really don't want to eat.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

slip's picture

mm i like the execution as well as the idea. maybe red art should have been orange.

Activity Score 919
designer |


Guest's picture

All you negative ad-tards hate freedom. Shove your Jihad up your foreign butts.

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