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Apples attacks on Microsoft are a really childish behaviour. If they had a good product they wouldn't have to resort to this kind of marketing or stealing ideas from the Vista development cycle

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Apple stealing from the Vista development cycle? Ha-ha! It's exactly the opposite.

Apple does have a much superior product in every sense. Apple's "childish" behaviour is seen as witty and smart by some. Plus, it is fair play for the small company to pick on the big one. The other way around would be pityful.

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They DO have a good product. Haven't you seen the TV ads by Apple???

Microsoft is not capable of making such a friendly, easy-to-use and reliable operating system as MacOS X.

This ad is one of the greatest copy ads I've seen. Clear and concise.

Hasta la vista, PC users.

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"Haven't you seen the ads?"
What planet do you come from? I've been working with computers for 20 years and I can tell you hands down that the "Apple PC" is just a weak computer in a pretty case. You can build a comp with twice the power with half the money

And every feature that Apple boasts as "We have it before Vista" was implemented with quick patches... excuse me... "releases"... after M$ announced they would include it in Vista. Grow up people.

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nicely done mac!

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This is an Apple Developer's Conference. Microsoft-bashing is part of the fun.

It's not neutral ground and not meant for the mass media.

Fair I say!

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Great copy! Short and ironical.

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too bad the visual looks more like xmen or heck..xbox!

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clever. apple kick pc asses. so do mac users :D

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Apple Rocks! Micro$hit $uck$ lol...

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Both Apple and Microshit sucks, too.
Linux rocks!! (note: Linux IS NOT Ubuntu!!!)

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