Lingerie With Lycra Mesh, 1

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January 2011
Harvey Nichols:  Lingerie With Lycra Mesh, 1


Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Harvey Nichols, within the category: Retail Services.


Lingerie With Lycra Mesh.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Teacher: Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Directors: João Unzer; Rodrigo de Castro
Copywriters: Rodrigo de Castro; João Unzer
Photographer: João Unzer
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fanboy_killer's picture

These are terrible...

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ace85le's picture

Positively ghastly.

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Nude Copy's picture

Ivan, I think we seriously need a thumbs down icon for bad ads

Nude Copy
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Copywriter at India
ivan's picture

How about giving it one star. That stands for "damaging".

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
kleenex's picture

Sorry Ivan.... Even I would like to give this whole set of ads a -10 star rating..... A one star rating is being toooooo generous imo.

This women does not even look real at all....

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Bob.C's picture

Looking at the UK where Harvey Nics is has it's stores I can only assume that the ad hopes to generate tabloid controversy and ASA complaints (which will be dismissed a la Miu Miu case) to raise the profile of harvey nichols lingerie.

This kind of manipulative behavior that is making the mental barrier between the advertising and the intended recipient stronger.

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= =

Manoma's picture

A died young girl would be more attractive...
Im joking of course, it's just awful.
And here kiling breast...
what shit does have in the head ?
My question is not injourious, just kidding in the same tone than the autors ;-))

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Bife's picture


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Art Director
Hitchet's picture

Why not.

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an epic of epic epicness.

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