Sparkling White Love Bites

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June 2019
Happydent White: Sparkling White Love Bites
Happydent White: Sparkling White Love Bites
Happydent White Print Ad - Sparkling White Love Bites
Happydent White Print Ad - Sparkling White Love Bites


Happydent White is a chewing gum for 'sparkling white teeth'. A proposition that the brand has lived by for over a decade and has been reflected in its various memorable campaigns.

So how do you enhance the power of this proposition?

Idea: To take a leap on a memorable proposition, the idea is to be disruptive within the brand's space.

So, Sparkling white teeth >>>> Sparkling white teeth imprint.

That is, the teeth are so sparkling white that they leave sparkling white love bites.

As sex and humour connect instantly with the youth (our primary target audience), this campaign is an engaging snapshot of people who have been bitten in love and have no clue that their secret rendezvous now leaves a tell-tale mark that’s seen by the world.

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Sri Lanka for Happydent White, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chief Executive Creative Officer: Rajiv R. Menon
Art Director: Rogger Kenneth Schales
Copywriter: Rajiv R. Menon
Account Management: Shelley Wickramasekera
Photography: Graphyit Studio
Commercial Retoucher: The I / Roshan Mallawaarachchi
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