Necklace, 3

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January 2009
Happydent:  Necklace, 3


Print advertisement created by McCann, India for Happydent, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Creative Directors: PK Anil
Writer: PK Anil
Art Directors / Typographers: Kapil Tammal, Sandesh Kambli, Pramod Chavan, Manasi Sankhe, Swati Goel
Illustrator: Paintbox Solutions
Account director: Prianka Sihota
System correction: Robert Joseph, Harshal Pandere
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no me gusta pero ni un poquito eh..

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Conceptually it's great, but wait a minute, human teeth? [Shivers]

Creative Director at Ads of the World
picopalqlea's picture

I agree, kind a creepy... reminds me "the bone collector"... or nice neckless for a cannibal bride...

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yctham's picture

Using illustration doesn't sell in this case. Photo-manipulation works better.

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Planner at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
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in this case the campaign is gonna look so savage.. using actual teeth to form nice looking necklaces.. the illustration is better..

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If and only if we could find a nice actually teeth. My brother is dentist, I have seen lots actual teeth - they are disgusting for me, ha ha! Just my two cents.

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Is this the teeth whitening agent preferred in concentration camps? Creepy.

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no way

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use happywhite. teeth fall out. make necklace

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Looks very tribal, i understand the message of bright teeth, but using human teeth as a necklage is creepy..

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Art Director at Leuven
tirthomitro's picture

uh oh!
fuck-up & bad one!

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Great Prasoon Bhai

But did you really need 5 art directors other than 3 creative directors and 2 system correctors and that also just for 3 ads.:)

But i really liked it.

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agree to Ivan

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Hello Mr. Prasson,
Do Mc Cann, Mumbai office dont have any work this days ?

To me its a mental mastubation in the name of creativity.
Your TVC was a brillient presentation with a Chandamama story book idea.
But this one is really bad. Bad idea, Bad presentation.

Did'nt expect this thing from u .


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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.,

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good concept, but i don't agree the treatment of teeths

Muneer Bhatti
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i agree with the guest..creative no way this ad persuades a potential buyer to use happydent..waste of time, energy and advertising space.

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Muneer Bhatti
Activity Score 146
Creative Director at (FMCG) PTC, LTC, Unilever, etc. |

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Those who are not interested in jewelry have alreay turned the page and missed the tooth whitening product. . I ask serious advertisers, how the fuck is someone going to remember the product (teeth whitener) hours after seeing this ad (well, there's hardly anything to read), while the brain has already associated diamond necklace against black background with jewelry. Havent we seen diamond necklaces against black background in ads the last century.

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juz an ordinary ad.. but looks impress

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Denis Vasilenko
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