March 2007



Must it come to this before you put trash in its place?
Convenient and innovatively-designed SINO garbage bins. Easy to place, easy for you.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Lo ShuengYan, Thomas Zhu, Hu Gang
Art Director: Ronnie Wu
Copywriter: Joe Wu
Illustrator: Ronnie Wu
Photographer: Xiaodong Zhou
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ellehcimeo's picture

interesting illustrations. i feel that the idea is getting lost in the translation though. how would hanging, beheading, and caging trash cans get people to use them? why are they so angry at the trash cans? why would nicely designed ones illicit any better reaction?

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Art Director
justpassingby's picture

i think the message here is when you execute someone its usually someone whos not very popular and you throw rubbish at them (maybe thats a Chinese thing, i mean its bad enough being executed you dont really need rubbish thrown at you, do you?).....anyways so i think what theyre trying to say is, "is this what we have to do to get you guys to throw rubbish in the right place.
Pheww, did anyone got any of that??

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ellehcimeo's picture

i knew something was getting lost. and you make perfect sense. thanks.

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Art Director
basuca's picture

My guess is they are saying that the design of usual trash bins in china are so bad, that the only reason a person should throw trash on them is motivated by angry ou despise. (It is just a guess, ok?)

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Graphic Designer
fei's picture

My impression was that trash has become the enemy and that's why it was being executed.
Whatever the message is supposed to be, I don't think it's clear.
Interesting illustrations though.

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Graphic Designer
copyingnobody's picture

I think it has to do with the lynching aspect we see in the illustration. Lynching is the last resort for people to do something about someone who they are sure is guilty, but it is recognized as a desperate measure even by the people who participate in it. The trash would be the criminal. That's how I see it, do I make any sense?

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justpassingby's picture

yeah, as much sense as what i said ;)

I wish someone from JWT China could enlighten us because im sure its a cultural thing that we may not understand.

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klaussnow's picture

those shanghainese, always with their illustrations and speaking chinese...

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Art Director |

... its already been done...

snowman's picture

Art director/illustrator, please hang yourself.

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Creative Director
blackbird's picture

hi,guys,thats my understanding:
People always keep the habit of littering trash. How can we make people always put trash in garbage
and people always like putting trash to prisoners, so can we treat garbage bins as prisoners?
if the garbage bin is the prisoner, people will put trash in the right place.

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Totto's picture

nw i get it. It s just that the life of trash can comes to an end jus like that of prisoners.
But not with this particular brand.

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