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Done, done done done.
Done, done, done, done, dooooooonnnnnneeeeeee!

Surly creative ...
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Can you show us please Spencer McCarthy, do you have a link. If your going to make this claim you should back it up. Not just you but everyone who says, done done done...

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Calm down mate, I think it's pretty bloody good, and I haven't seen it done before. Well done O&M

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Done ..... done .... done .... done .... done .... done!

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Planner at Ogilvy New Delhi
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Remove the pack and line. Add "End racism."


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I hate to look for holes in the logic of the ad, but, even if the kid is handcuffed, can't the kids still open it up and take his food?

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Then why do it? That's called overthinking an ad - you should be a suit.

ming the merciless
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hope hero's archetype works right for children. haven't seen before, so it looks dam good.

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doesnt look lyk an add targetted towrds the kids or even the moms........nt very effective........

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Other at Goa college of art
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This ad aside, can anyone find anything doubleturban likes? Can we see some of his/her work, please?

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I wouldn't get too worried what an 18 year old planner from India thinks dude.

ming the merciless
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It's done and you can check it out right here :

Joe / Facebook : Joelapompe

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Hey Davosk, check out And then feel free to send me your book when you finish portfolio school.

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