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November 2009
Halls:  Fair lady


Print advertisement created by JWT, United States for Halls, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Get through the season. For tips to help you stay well during cold & flu season. Use Halls Cough Drops to temporarily relieve cough due to a cold, occasional minor irritation or sore throat.

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Ty Montague, Harvey Marco
Executive Creative Director: Wayne Best
Design Director: Aaron Padin
Art Director: Grant Mason
Copywriter: Kevin Mulroy
Planner: Rodrigo Maroni
Director of Integrated Production: Clair Grupp
Director of Production: Nick Scotting
Art Producer: Sara Clark
OOH Producer: Paul Charbonnier
Newspaper Producer: Deborah Nall
Production Router: Cynthia Clements
Photographer / Retouching: Matt Hoyle
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picktokyo's picture

It's as if I was looking at Altoids ad.

Activity Score 1404
Copywriter at JWT
bobby666's picture

good execution. must be an art director's idea.

Activity Score 1462
RMG Connect, India
Tommy G.'s picture

totally disagree, terrible art direction :: no nousy nose? No kleenex? they look tired, not sick. The nose is not enough red.
The good thing in this ad is the orientation of the head, going perfectly with the copy and the idea.

This ad plays on the effects of the cold, they also want to caricature the sick person. I understand the shabby colors to give a home mood but the caricature is not very well done.

4/10 not more

Tommy G.
Activity Score 895
Graphic Designer at Job seeking
amateureye's picture

Yes and no. I agree that if they wanted to make a clear connection to being sick, they should have a red nose and Kleenex. But, if they were trying to catch the eye of a broader audience, the tired thing is golden. I saw the ad as I was rushing through an airport, and I identified with it much more than I would have if it was just a sick person. I suspect that their marketing plan was to turn a few more heads by giving voice to the need to press on that so many of us encounter.

Activity Score 2
picktokyo's picture

It's as if I was looking at Altoids ad.

Activity Score 1404
Copywriter at JWT
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