The wood's Battle

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April 2010
H-57 Print Ad -  The wood's Battle


Print advertisement created by H-57, Italy for H-57, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.


In case of Hard Battles Against Hares, foxes, pheasants and other frightful enemies We recommend to supply with weapons Also the above listed creatures. To assure them the right to self-defence. Otherwise a loyal combat cannot take place. A fight with unequal weapons is unfair and coward. To be sure to avoid all disloyal fights you just need to abolish hunting.

Advertising Agency: H-57 Creative Station, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Art Director: Matteo Civaschi
Copywriter: Gianmarco Milesi
Graphic Designer: Matteo Civaschi
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There might be an interesting ad in here. Unfortunately the writing is so bad I can't be bothrered to think it through.

If you create an ad in English, make sure it is your Copywriter's first language!

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you are right, it's an Italian AD and during the English translation we made a graphic/text mistake. very very bad. i know. sorry. we will replace that very soon....

Matteo Civaschi.

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Updated it.

Creative Director at Ads of the World