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naupathia,i dislike this

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I dont think it could bring out the message...By the way, those dirt looks like shit ( im sorry to say that)

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what is the meaning of the stars

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I think the stars are holding up the barbed wire. It's very hard to tell since it's so small.

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over-exaggerated like this word

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whats this anyway??

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come out with a new concept...

pooja gadodia
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This looks very similar to the crosses on the flusher for some disinfectant done by a London agency about a year ago.

Sorry, forgot the name of both the agency and advertiser.

Scam Detector
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I kind of like it. If you look at the full size image (and not just the thumbnail), you can see that the grime is actually a war setting. And the bunker has a white flag coming out of it, as if to say that it surrenders. That's how strong "Just one drop" of this stuff is. I think the art could be tightened up a little, but overall it's quite nice.

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There are no shadows or reflections... Its ok anyway.

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nice one but not very clear

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Say no more...

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Its a good concept. leftover grime is beat into submission by the soap. Tells a story and is interesting. I think Tincho is right though the art director needs to tighten up the details

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I like that. Good concept. And the "bunker / war" scenario is very clear. Makes me remenber about the "D" day at Omaha beach, with lot´s of crosses and wires prepared by the nazis.

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A great concept,nice execution.

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