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November 2009
Greenpeace:  Furnace


Most people that destroy the environment know that they are doing the wrong thing, however, their desire to accumulate wealth often overpowers their sense of right and wrong. All they see is money. They are so blinded by the prospect of getting rich that they fail to notice that they are destroying their lives as well.Greenpeace doesn't need the amount of money the greedy businessmen dream of, only the tiniest fraction of it. If you donate just one euro via SMS to Greenpeace, they promise to fend off the attackers of the environment, until, one day, they will stop seeing value in the destruction and start seeing value in preservation. The Scala JWT Bucharest campaign focuses on the simple game of 1 and 0. If you take away the 1 from you will be left with 000.000.000., which amounts to...nothing. It's a way to find optimism in a disproportionate battle between the defenders of the environment and their foes.
You can fight for the future on your own, but if you support Greenpeace you may do a better job.

Advertising Agency: Scala JWT, Bucharest, Romania

Print advertisement created by JWT, Romania for Greenpeace, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


If you give 1 to us, there will be nothing for them.

Art Director / Illustrator: Virgiliu Andone
Creative Catalyst: Angela Teodorescu
Copywriter: Andreea Dragomir
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like the layout and the illustration. great execution.

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RMG Connect, India
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what? how about 1 idea or 1 less night of drinking/drugs, or 1 more brain cell, or one less time to get preaching and one more time to say something relevant... if your going to take drugs to come up with work at least share them with the rest of us so we can see whatever it is you think you see

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