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Is there a reason behind the framing? Why isn't it centered?
Lovely concept, anyhow.

Rose Abraham
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People who write graffiti:

Some I guess put a lot of effort into the visuals they're creating and maybe just write in more harmless places like beside railway lines. Some of these people might agree with the line on the ad.

And others make a mess on other people's stuff. These might be the people you want to stop. But just saying it leaves a bad impression -- will that do the trick? I wouldn't think so.

It's probably not an easy thing to tackle. If their aim is to deface, then I'm not sure advertising alone can counter that. But if they see themselves as artists, then I do believe there are advertising solutions (or part-solutions). I think it would need to begin with respect for graffiti-style art. Otherwise you're just throwing rocks at them.

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I am not fully feeling all the ads.

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