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I don't know. It's good but is graffiti the best solution? Ivan, is there more or is this a one shot?

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shouldn't the graffiti be the ad copy? instead of graffiti...

just sayin'

Jonny Lonestar
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yeah... you'd think they'd have someone wildstyle some "city rock" up there... it's not even a "cr"... from what i can see (it's hard with the bottom hooking like that), it says "ha"... what's that all about?

another question is if they commissioned the piece. clearly, they picked it because it's well done... also, it's on public property, so it's probably illegal, which makes me think they didn't commission it, which means that they're using someone else's work to promote their product, which strikes me as a little unethical, but that's all conjecture.


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Who says it isn't "Photoshopped"?

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geez puck dont think too hard man, they prob didnt want to make the graffiti too nice, as not to complicate things... its a simple idea

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It works.
There are an infinite amount of approaches to any ad. The choices these creatives made should be recognized and discussed as what they are before one starts proposing alternatives.
There's nothing that here that doesn't work.
And In my opinion, it's a good print advertisement.

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Severely lacking creatively.
The message has fragmented relevance, lost in uninspiring amateur graffiti.
I can think of more motivating reasons for learning to climb. * )

MADE in the USA
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this is not amateurish graffiti, sorry.

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Maybe this ad isn't directed to ur kind of person. Maybe the target is the graffitti loving kind.

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creativity is subjectivity

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decent ad...graffiti should be more prominent...



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why is there an exact replica of a Banksy stencil next to it on the left? it's a cool idea but come on - try and be original. the other graf piece is pretty cool though. nice idea.

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try and be original? come on people where have you guys ever seen an ad like this? there are so many ads out there and on this website in which the concept has been done before, almost to the t! If this concept has been done before then please show me, otherwise it is original

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In regards to originality, he's refering to the specific graffiti, the stencil is a banksey... who is a world famous, arguable the most famous graffiti artist right now... which is also a sure sign that this is photoshopped.

Jonny Lonestar
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