Beehive Lady

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October 2011
Goette Optician:  Beehive Lady


Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Switzerland for Goette Optician, within the category: Personal Accessories.


Cut to fit your face.
Götte Customized Eyewear

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Fernando Perez, Livio Dainese
Art Directors: Adrian Merz, Barbara Suter-Blaesi
Copywriters: Thomas Engeli, Daniel Pieracci
Illustrator: Sabrina Transiskus / Paper Art
Photographer: Patrick Rohner
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mitali prasad's picture

why the smear of sketch pen on her face??

mitali prasad
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moteldemoka's picture

I don't get it either I suppose it's to make it look 'artsy'. I'm gonna be nitpicky but I'd have chosen a workshop instead of an art installation and her lifeless expression paired with the angle of her neck and the strings make it look like she hanged herself. The way the smear is placed makes it looks like a bruise too.

The one with the other woman also places the smear too look like she's crying. I don't get if it's intentional or not. The other two with the men are better looking (mainly because they don't look to me like an ad against domestic violence) but again, I'd lose the smear and exchange the location for some sort of workshop.

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MicheleVirgilio's picture

i like

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STRTLRS's picture

She looks dead. Execution is great, message, not so much.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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