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hey, look! a penis/sex ad!

wow. how original!

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Ad Fanatic who hate Rip-Offs
Would you like for me to get you a tissue? Poor guy so easily upset. Why are you so upset anyway? Apparently you don’t even realize your upset about “a rip off” Don’t tell me you actually worked on this garbage. That’s right, incredibly used, unoriginal, unimaginative, lazy, juvenal garbage.

Maybe the problem for you is that you lack personal insight or experience so that you depend solely on award presentations to create an opinion for you.

This lame advertising concept has not been: “totally new level, giving fresh perspective” since 1950.
“Almost everything and anything anyone have not thought of),” I can not believe you think that.
You show your youth and lack of research by thinking so. Trust me when I tell you, there was no bravery involved in approving it.
They’re using sex to sell deodorant to teenagers. That’s it, nothing ground breaking like you have been led to believe. Just perfume in a can. Spreading money all over the place does not talented, insightful campaigns make. (I am however O.K. with the money.)

Your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure really need a great deal of work.
Take a High School English class before you graduate, it will do you good.

The comments made were: “hey, look! a penis/sex ad! wow. how original!”
And: “Will the stupidity never end? Who Okayed this campaign? Have they been in a coma for fifty years?”

No one did any name calling until you came along: ( To quote you: “Stupidity, You're the stupid one”)
So here’s a tissue for you, stop crying and grow up. The sooner you learn not to take impersonal things personally, the better off you will be.

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i was thinking seeing this Ad that if someone would tell me that she uses this kind of deoderant i will be thinking "Oh, Penis! wow, she smells just right!" or "offf, such a slut"

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Gerard McGeowan
“This type of advertising is the future”

Do you remember Hi Karate? Do you remember Brut? They were very innovative ads. Selling perfume to the youth. They were also “the future of advertising” they were again a copy of earlier work, and they were done in the late 60’s. no Sir I am not jealous of this goop. There is nothing fresh or innovative about this work nothing at all.

The only good thing about these ads, They sell product to the consumer. That is more important than all the awards that will fill a room. However that does not make them a "creative" success.

Time travel does exist... In advertising.

MADE in the USA
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