Hide yesterday, Meet the parents

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February 2014
Garnier:  Hide yesterday, Meet the parents


Print advertisement created by Publicis, Switzerland for Garnier, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Zurich, Switzerland
Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Wildberger
Creative Director: Grischa Rubinick
Art Directors: Nicolas Vontobel, Bruce Roberts
Copywriter: Jan Krohn
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Agency Producers: Cem Van Der Schaar, Benjamin Kaegi
Production: CZAR Film
Retouching / Postproduction: Kilato
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Art Director |

See what I've done

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I can't hide the fact I like it! Great job!

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Creative Director at BrandMentors.PRO |

Toni Bunaiasu

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I love it!!!

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Great insight :) well done.

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Nice copy, lovely visual, i think there's a lot of emphasis on the ad itself and pretty hard for people the recognize the product being advertised or the product essence. Thank you

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i like the way the tag-line hides behind the product. there's nothing left to chance.

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brings respect to print ads. good job.

2 eyeballs
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Superb ad!

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Creative Director
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This ad really sells the product without having to do too much to convince the audience. The only words on the advertisement are the mention of the actual product and the simple, “Hide Yesterday.” It’s short, to the points and humorous. I really like how they make it clear that he is meeting her parents for the first time. The parents both appearing interested in the look and appeal that he has to present and the girl standing idly by behind him. I’m sure it helps that almost anyone could relate to this event and the pressure to present yourself nicely in that situation. The storyline almost makes it more appealing to look at and observe for longer than a plan ad with the product on it. I actually want to take the time and read over what is going on in the ad. They did a really good job of paying attention to the overall atmosphere of the ad. By putting the characters in a familiar setting, gives the audience a way to better connect to the story line. The one critique I have of this ad is that the product is hidden away in the corner. If they could make the color stand out a little more or even increase the size of the product it would be more eye catching and possibly sell the product line better. Overall, I think they did a really good job of creating this ad. It’s something that is intriguing and pulls the audience in.

Kelly Condon
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