We Take This Seriously, Show

November 2010
Gargage:  We Take This Seriously, Show
Gargage Print Ad -  We Take This Seriously, Show


So what if they don’t want to listen? There are probably millions just like them, but among those millions there are thousands that do want to listen, and we’d have no problem playing our hearts out for them every night, because at the end of the day it’s quite clear…We take this seriously.


We Take This Seriously

Creative Directors: Joel Mendez, Ian Pescod
Art Director: Joel Mendez
Copywriter: Ian Pescod
Photographer: Abdelitoh Troy
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razorsharp creative's picture

3 stars for art direction, but what the heck are they advertising? Without the words beneath the picture (which aren't on the ad) I'd have no idea what this is supposed to be...let alone where I can find out more information. No website, phone number, address (email or otherwise)? It looks good, but looks alone only get you so far and these ads are hitting all the wrong notes for me. Grade: F flat.

razorsharp creative
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-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

jackmancer2017's picture

Yes I have the same. No idea what the product is.

CuriousPencil's picture

Think this is an attempt at a slow-burning mystery please-make-me-viral campaign. There's a youtube clip of 'gargage' that's asking for donations funding their debut release. Which they obviously don't need if they're making (or faking) ads about themselves.

Ivan or an admin, can you please give us more info on this - I think it's just a band using this site to promote themselves. There's no product, they're just looking for exposure.

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