September 2017
Fur for Animals: Stonehenge


People who buy fur think they are very progressive and fashionable in buying such garments. They are in fact spending lots of money on the most antiquated attire of them all.

Print advertisement created by Falmouth University, United Kingdom for Fur for Animals, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Fashion from the dark ages

Advertising School: Falmouth University, UK
Art Directors / Copywriters: Jack Cresswell, Josh Eloi
Illustrator: Deri Watt
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Like the idea.
It's just that the same face but in a Neanderthal body/posture came to my mind to enhance the dark ages idea. Somehow you are telling to your audience: what you think is fashionable is, in fact, old-fashioned in an ironic way: "hey, look at you with your "fashionable" dress!".

But overall it's a clever way to advertise this sad and shameful reality.

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