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this is a shattering campaign - I can hardly call myself a fan of classic architecture and yet, I am deeply moved. great work. The typography itself is a work of art.

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I agree, this are simply beautiful.

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These posters were a great insight and changed my perspective on the different areas of design and the part that they can play within another. As a design student, I am excited to see that the concepts that the landmarks that Wright designed in his time can be applied to a digital age, something that was unthinkable for Wright’s time. Love the shoot angle made about designing with and for a purpose. If a design has a passion for that purpose, it doesn’t need to be colorful as showed in the advertise, it should speak on its own. Thinking about the classic architecture design and just how different nowadays makes also changes the perspective of designers and pushing them to strive for what Wright had, ideas that will withstand technology and other elements that have yet to come. This posters overall makes me very excited and proud to be in this constantly evolving field.

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