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June 2008
Ford:  Windmills


Print advertisement created by JWT, Australia for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: JWT Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Richard Muntz
Creative Director: Keith Nicholas
Art Directors / Copywriters: Phil van Bruchem, Nick Weller
Photographer: Chris Von Menge
Retouching: Ashley Bird, Imagenation
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yea ~

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monicamexico's picture

What's the point? Wind energy has nothing to do with this car.

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teenquey's picture

(-_-") the wind mill has got nothing to do with wind energy. it's not what it is trying to say.

with all the benefits written in the copy, we are brought into state peace of mind. if u see the fingers are playing thru the car's window. the ad is bringing us to fantasy world. so it's not about wind energy okay.

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amburel's picture

Apparently it's a slow car since the kid has time to flick each one of them. Either that or they're pulled over with a flat tire and she's bored.

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Advertising |

do you believe everything you say?

karinova's picture

I suspect that the wind-energy confusion (shown in some of the comments) is no accident. I get the feeling they were probably counting on that Pavlovian green-vertising reaction. Sure, the copy doesn't mention fuel efficiency or carbon emissions, but the scenes they chose certainly evoke that already-very-nearly-cliched "we're advertising our environmental friendliness!!" aesthetic.

When I see an ad featuring a green/planty/misty/watery utterly unspoiled natural scene with absolutely no signs of human life—no roads, no houses, no boats, not even so much as a footprint in the sand — I pretty much assume it's about to tell me how green some product is or has lately become.

Plus, it's the new, "G" series.

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lealitis's picture


Wind mill is better for a hybrid car

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Isn't it as simple as 'if you have/travel in a ford g series you are giving the environment a helping hand (or finger)'??

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Sydney University
justeelona's picture

yea ~

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Guest's picture

I agree, very misleading. Studies show that over 60% of consumers distrust "green" claims by manufacturers. This one is very easy to see through, and will ultimately damage Fords reputation. And it's harder to regain someones trust than to keep it in the first place.

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