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October 2010
FMG:  Helmets
FMG Print Ad -  Helmets


Print advertisement created by Hot Mustard, Australia for FMG, within the category: Finance.


You can't protect your crops from hail. But you can insure them.

Advertising Agency: Hot Mustard, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Jayson Houghton
Art Director: Mike MacKinven
Account Manager: Michael Kiernan
Retouching: The Lounge
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What's wrong with the sky?

TSD Agency
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Chief Creative Officer at Tough Slate Design, Kyiv, Ukraine |


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Superb. Interesting way of putting it and great art direction.
Better if such detailed copy at the bottom could have been avoided.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


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i believe a helmet protects not insures

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So that means you understand the ad perfectly.
It is impossible to protect your crop, this rationale being perfectly illustrated with the exaggeration (protective helmets for each grain of wheat).
However, you now have the option of insuring it.

I like the execution, and the idea works well with what they had to advertise.

gon_enelcamino's picture

this is really stupid

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Typical insurance company ad. Hackneyed, wordy headline, boring layout, and an obvious, unoriginal visual. Plus a box on the bottom with body copy that nobody will ever read. Great job, guys.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
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Overall it's an interesting idea. How is this typical? How is the visual unoriginal?
I haven't seen anything like this before.

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It does the job. I get it. Appropriate for the customer. If I was talking hail storm the headline should reflect that - seems very soft spoken in this sample. There are some typographical issues that could be addressed. I miss the period at the end of the headline - it may be creative license - but without it the statement wants to run on. No authority. In the green subtitle do I perceive two spaces after the periods? Does it bother you that the second sentence has a dangling word? Also I understand that the corporate color is green, and maybe you tried some variations, my preference would have been to tie it into color palette of the photo illustration, or a darker gray - darker than the body text. Then, maybe, the vertical green line separating the sell copy from the logo could have been dropped. And the logo, in all its green, would stand alone. It might help to tuck the contact number under the logo - a bit too much of a gap for my tastes.

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Roger that.

Roger Keynes
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even i believe that helmet protects doesnt insure at all

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not bad, Idea was old

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good (daily business) ad

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Old advertising technique (you can't do that (weird visual proof) -> - this (our product/service) is the solution), but still works. Good daily business ad indeed. Not for award shows, so what.

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If I were a farmer and saw this ad in my local paper or regional magazine, it'd make me think about FMG. Then I'd ask "What does FMG offer?" and read the copy.

It's strange that other commenters are judging this ad as if the ad were for perfume or sexy pants or underwear. It's for crop insurance. The ad works.

If it makes money, then it satisfies the client and does its job. Right?

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Gets the point across well. All the market needs is that awareness and a memorable visual tied to a name for them to look into it. Remember that you're not trying to sell candy bars, this is an essential to many so it's just a matter of which brand.

Out of curiosity though I wonder whether this is ripped off of Allianz's Pillow Roof (which had the same copy almost verbatim) or vice versa. This one does it better.

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-double post please delete-

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